Teach English in China!

- Work 20 hours a week
- Earn 13000-25000 RMB monthly
- Explore authentic Chinese futuristic cities and picturesque natural landscapes
- Free accommodation
- We do all the paperwork for your visa
- Provide full support before you land your job in China and after you start

We will arrange the best job for you ASAP
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Briefly about us
For more than two years we provide teaching jobs in China for all the applicants. Some moment of their life there in pictures below
Working conditions
Our partner schools provide best working conditions for their teachers
Competitive salary
We are ready to offer competitive salary ranging £1200- £1400
Relaxing schedule
Not more than 25 working hours a week. You'll have plenty of time for exploration or part time job if you extra income
Comfortable housing
School provides free and comfortable accommodation for all foreign employees
Flight reimbursement
After the expiration of your contract our company will cover expenses for your flight back home or make a direct payment equal to the cost of your ticket
24/7 Multilingual support
We are always on the distance of a phone call from you. If you will face any inconveniences, our multilingual support team will help you out in no time!
Available contracts all over continental China and Taiwan
We provide plenty of different contracts all around China in various cities. and educational institutions varying from kindergartens, public school and training centers. Briefly about the most popular destinations below
Second capital of China
If you enjoy everlasting haste of a huge international megalopolis then Shanghai will fit you best. Although life expenses are higher there comparing to second tier cities of China
Perfect balance of urban and nature
Located in a one hour train ride from Shanghai, Suzhou is also referred as "Chinese Venice"
Pearl of Guangdong
In spite of unbelievable development tempo, life in coastal Zhuhai is still very comfortable for it's residents.
"Panda capital" of China
Capital of Sichuan province with it's worldwide famous spicy food will bring a lot of memorable moments even to the most experienced travelers.
Our teacher's accommodation
Our partner schools always provide comfortable accommodation for the foreign employees with all the facilities you may need.
How do I apply?
Fill in the brief form on our website
As soon as you will push "Submit" button on the website, our manager will contact you immediately through e-mail with further instructions
Prepare your CV and self-introduction video
If you encounter any issues with video or CV, our manager will guide you through the whole process. Or you may look through the useful links below.
Searching for a job and choosing the best school according to your preferences
After our Chinese partners will look through your CV and video we will arrange you a brief online interview with the school
Get the visa done and book your flight to China!
After mutual approval from you and your employer we will help you out get all the papers done for the visa applications and then you can set out for an adventure of your lifetime!
We will contact you ASAP and get you acknowledged about hot job offerings we have at the moment
Our results today
Years of successful collaborations with numerous educational instituions in China
Teachers successfully landed an English teaching job in China
Teachers prolonged their contract
What do I need to apply for a job?
To be a native English speaker and to have a valid passport to get all the papers done to live abroad! You don't necessarily need a bachelor degree and TEFL/TESOL certificate to apply, but it will a great bonus though.
What should I do to get myself ready for the interview?
  1. Get your CV ready.
  2. Make a short self-introduction video.
What is my daily schedule?
You won't be busier than 25 hours a week, there is a possibility that school will arrange some extra-curriculum activities for you, but it won't be more than 3 hours a week. Schedule differs from school to school. For public schools it's Monday to Friday, if you decide to roll for the training center, you will have to choose two days off on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays are usually busiest days for them.
What am I supposed to do in my leisure time?
China is already far beyond all the stereotypes about being a third world country and in some points it's even more developed than most of the European countries. You will have access to all the leisure activities you are used to and even more because you will have plenty of time to discover China, it's ancient culture and petrifying urban landscapes!
Do I need a degree and teaching certificates?
Although having a degree and TESOL of TEFL certificate will ease application process a lot, the only qualification you need is your English language skill.
Is it free?
We don't charge our customers for our service, we get commissions directly from schools. The only expenses you should cover are flight and visa application fee.
How long is my contract?
Contract length basically starts from one year and can be eternally prolonged.
How and when do I get payed?
Your salary will be transferred to your Chinese bank account every month. Our Chinese colleagues will help you to register your bank account and get a bank card, which will be connected with Alipay and WeChat pay systems which will ease your life in China a lot.
Is China dangerous?
.China is one of the safest country, where locals treat foreigners with respect and admiration. You won't feel yourself as safe anywhere in Europe as you will in China.
Do I have to pay taxes?
It is your employees responsibility.
What is my next step after submitting my application?
As soon as we receive your CV and video we will instantly contact with our Chinese colleagues, who will start looking for a school for you. After finding a suitable job offer(which usually happens within a week after submitting an application) you will go through brief online interview with the school after which you may start looking for a best flight!
I don't speak Chinese and I have no teaching experience. Is that bad?
  1. Communication with locals. Chinese people don't speak much of an English but it won't affect your job at all. Each school have professional TAs who's responsibility will be helping you out with communication if needed.
  2. No teaching experience. Every school have their own teaching materials and most of the time it's digitized. So most of the time you won't even need to get ready for the class next day. Your basic responsibility is to get kids used to understand spoken English.

What kind of support do I get overseas?
Our managers speak fluent English and Chinese and we are always ready to provide any support you may need.
What about accomodation?
School provides free accommodation for their foreign employees and you can have a brief look at the apartments that our teachers used to live in before.
If you have more questions, submit an application and our manager will contact you ASAP!
Dozens of Chinese schools are waiting for you to come!
Submit your application and you will get offers within a week
Please provide all the information regarding you education, working experience that we may need to ease job finding process for our Chinese colleagues
Examples of CV and self-introduction video
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